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The main program of Louisiana School of Bushcraft is teaching and preserving Self-Reliance and Primitive Living Skills. While the majority of our focus is on a local level and how to adapt to Louisiana’s environment we give each student a good set of skills that can be applied in any environment. Many of the skills we teach can be applied to so many aspects of every day life, and used to give you richer and full experience as you travel down your life’s journey.

We also offer program’s that are geared towards teaching Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Response units the various skills that could cross over and be applied in their respective fields. Louisiana School of Bushcraft is dedicated towards assisting and supporting the men, women, and organizations that keep our country running safe and smooth.

We also offer private classes. These classes almost do not have a limit. They can be used for private organizations, or for a class that does not focus on a particular skill.

We hope that in the near future we can offer more services to the community such as assisting law enforcement in apprehending fugitives, and aiding in a lost person’s recovery. We also hope to begin a program that will allow children to become involved with practical skills we teach.